Although rooted in Hip Hop, Loyal Mindset (L.M.S.) is bringing a new sound to the industry. Hailing from Upstate New York, the duo’s eclectic sound is a result of the combined talents of musicians 24 Drums (aka Alex Huntley) and Vell Versa (aka Lovell Bebo).

24 Drums began mastering the art of percussion at the age of seven at St. John’s Church in Albany. Even at this young age, 24 Drums’ talent was undeniable. His talent eventually evolved beyond church and on to schools, in concerts and festivals.
Along with his natural talent for rhythm, 24 Drums was also gifted in poetry as well as music production.  This combination of gifts resulted in 24 Drums producing and ghostwriting for multiple artists.  This was short-lived, however, as 24 Drums realized his true passion lay in performing.
Similarly, Vell Versa was naturally gifted in performing, music production and writing. Since adolescence, he enjoyed various instruments, including drums, guitars, organ and bass. At a young age, Vell Versa was taken under the wing of local radio DJ Sammy “El-Samuel” Bolden, Jr. During this apprenticeship, Vell Versa learned how to expand his creative abilities.
While producing, writing and performing, Vell Versa and 24 Drums crossed paths and an instant bond was formed.  Once the two began collaborating, the chemistry was explosive and, as a result, Loyal Mindset was born.  The duo can now be seen sharing their diverse sound at venues throughout the Capital Region.